Jane The Capricorn (Very True leh ... haha...)

A cool and quiet woman. Once she is mad she can be very fierce.

In her opinion, woman is not just a flower or decoration at home or at an office.

She likes to control and hide her weak emotions. She will never try to change anyone, but she will learn to accept them as they are. If she does not like someone, she will not comments or criticize but she will completely ignore that person.

She hate plastic and an artificial flower because it make her feel that you are not being sincere. She loves real flower and it's scent. She loves a guy who wear after shave cologne. If you are a type of a guy who wear your Jean one month before washing, or wear an old sneaker, then you can forget about her.

She loves music and nature even there is a rare case otherwise. She loves to go picnic in nature, so if you don't have so much time for her, you can take her fishing too.

She is not as jealous as Aquarius or Leo woman, but do not cross the line O.K. Better not to see she gets mad, especially in front of public when she feels like loosing face.

She has her own goal in life and does not care if you have a doctorate degree or not, if she thinks you are not bright then she will not care about you at all. She likes smart people by character not by certificate shown.

She does not like a dreamer who talk about his dream but never put his hands in action to make it happens. Don't bother to tell her "everyone is doing it, you should do it too", or "I think you should do it, it's good for you", because she will do what she wants to do only.

She is a cool type and will not nag, so easy on your ears. She is a slow but sure type. She will always respect and honor you and will never try to make you loose your face. If she loves you, she will help you in anything you do.

She likes to help people and expect nothing in return. If she asks you for a favor and does not get one, she will feel very disappoint. She has a high hope and a high faith and beliefs in her own confident than believing in "Luck".

Monday, October 1, 2007

Taipei - Day 3 of 8 (Mon 17 Sep 2007)

Our schedule for this day is to go to Leofoo Village at XinZu. We hired a cab to the themepark and to our disappointment, it starts to drizzle! But luckily most of the games were still open to public.

Since it is raining, visitors were scarce and as you can see from the photo where we are the only one at the entrance! Haha... of course other than us, there were some graduating students who were there for their excursion and a few young couples like us.

Here are some photos taken at the Arabic, Cowboy and the Lost world theme...

Our first game to warm up the tempo is a swirling barrel, then the Viking!

I don't know how Alvin do it but he manage to firmly gripped the camera in his palm and video the whole process of the rides down... and below are some of the short clips...

Viking Ride Clip

Pagoda Revenge Clip

Not enough excitement? Next we went to challenge the Pagoda Revenge! Initially, when we witness its height we kinda intent to back off. Omg we were dropped from a 17th storey height and before I can open my eyes, we already landed the ground in within 2-3 sec! I felt like a thin paper floating for 3 sec...haha...

Enough of screaming, time for some entertainment. Went for a short performance at the theater which makes us feeling like a kid again. Also it is a good chance for us to dry ourselves. The whole day we were playing their rides such as magic carpet, tunnel cart adventure, 360 degree flip, 3D adventure etc. In fact, no rides can be as exciting as the Pagoda Revenge.

However there is one ride which we are unable to play because of the rain and that is the 360 degree Firewheel. Should be a fun ride too. We took a picture of it anyway.

The Arabic themed castle.

This is our lunch at about 3.30pm. Luckily we had a heavy breakfast to endure us all through the day...

After a fun and WET day, we took the E-Go bus to Jingan MRT station and back to hotel.

Enough of rest for us but not the weather, it is still raining. Poor Alvin and the camera, he felt so heartache when the rain dropped onto our camera and tripod the whole day, haha... Here we are at Zhong Xiao Dun Hua, due to the approaching typhoon at Taipei, we do have some difficulties strolling down the streets. We passed by a few alleys with many interesting restaurants, cafes and bars...

...which we decided to have our dinner at this noodle restaurant situated among one of the alley. The ambiance is zen-like and the lighting is cosy. We ordered their special spring roll, tea roasted duck (can't remember the name but is roasted with Chinese tea) and their noodle specialty (dan zai mien). The noodle serving is just right and not too salty, the duck is chewy and tasty too. I thought my stomach would still have room for dessert but no, I m already full, haha...

After recharging our stomach, we stroll down the streets of Taipei. Its night scene is really beautiful, maybe is due to the light reflexion of the water puddle, I realize that photo taken on the streets during that time was really nice...

Now Singaporeans...shouldn't we learn from them? Lined up properly while waiting for the train to arrive...I realize that most Taiwanese are very discipline. Not only that they would keep right side on the escalator for others to pass through on the left, some would even wear a mask when they got a cold to prevent virus spreading. Hmm... guess it could be due to the cultural influence from their neighbor in Japan.

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Food Lover said...

Goodness, how did he do it? How did he manage to hold the videocam with one hand and have only one hand to keep himself from flying off? Lol!

When I last took a viking ride, two hands didn't seem enough for me to hold on to the grip in front! :P